Selling Your Property

Once you have decided to sell your property you should contact Platinum Property Law and arrange for a Contract to be prepared for the sale of your property. This is because you cannot offer a residential property for sale without a valid Contract being available.

A valid Contract contains a number of prescribed documents including a Title Search, a Deposited Plan, copies of any Dealings affecting the land, a zoning Certificate from Council and a Diagram from the Sewer provider. We will order these for your Contract.

Other Things To Consider

You also need to consider the following:

  • which Real Estate Agent you want to use to sell your property. Alternatively you can market the property yourself by displaying signs and advertising on the internet;
  • whether you should sell your property by private treaty or by Auction;
  • how best to present your home to potential buyers eg. do you need to do any maintenance, or store some of your furniture and possessions to remove clutter;
  • the sale price will be negotiated when the Agent finds a buyer. The buyer will pay a deposit to indicate that he wishes to proceed and the sale will either be subject to a “Cooling-off” period or unconditional. If there is a “Cooling-off” period the deposit payable is generally 0.25% of the purchase price. If the sale is unconditional the deposit paid by the buyer will generally be 10% of the purchase price;
  • if the sale is subject to a “Cooling-off” period the buyer will have five business days to arrange Pest and Building Reports and/or a Strata Inspection and confirm their finance. If they decide not to proceed they forfeit to you the 0.25% deposit paid. If they decide to proceed they must pay the balance of the 10% deposit to the Agent;
  • after Exchange of Contracts, we contact your Lender and arrange for any loan you have on the property to be discharged at Settlement;
  • you need to be packed and ready to move out of your property prior to the Settlement date; and
  • if you are purchasing as well as selling your property we will need to arrange a simultaneous Settlement so that you can move directly from your old property into your new property. This often requires extensive negotiation.

We know the property business inside out. We are your one-stop property and lease shop.

If you have any questions on selling a property please call Property Platinum Law.

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