Sub-Divisions And Development

As licensed builders we are uniquely placed to provide you with advice in relation to your sub-division or development – be it the sub-division of a single block, to a large town house development.

We have an in depth knowledge of the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and of the requirements of the various Councils in relation to subdivisions and development.

We are able to assist you with:

  • advice on the feasibility of a project based on the planning instruments for a particular Council
  • pre-development meetings with Council to get a feel for their thoughts on a development
  • selection of an architect/draftsperson to assist with design
  • selection of a Surveyor and/or Engineer
  • preparation of paperwork and documentation to lodge the development application with Council
  • appointment of  a firm to prepare a statement of environmental effects
  • preparation of BASIX documentation
  • selection of a Certifier if you do not wish to use the Council
  • obtaining appropriate insurance
  • interpreting the development consent and its conditions once it is issued
  • obtaining a construction certificate so that work can commence
  • liaising with Sydney Water and other government authorities to obtain any required approvals
  • selecting a builder and/or appropriate tradespeople
  • advice on the building contract offered to you
  • liaising with the Engineer and Surveyor in relation to any plans of sub-division
  • liaising with the Council and Department of Lands in relation to lodgement of plans of sub-division, creation of easements and covenants etc
  • obtaining the final occupation certificate
  • preparing Contracts For Sale in relation to your development

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