What Is Conveyancing?

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal work carried out in relation to any matter that creates,

varies, transfers or extinguishes a legal or equitable interest in any real or personal property.

It includes legal work associated with the:

  • Sale of land
  • Purchase of land
  • Subdivision and/or development of land
  • Transfer of land
  • Preparation and advice on leases
  • Sale of a Business
  • Purchase of a Business
  • Refinance of a loan
  • Mortgages
  • Preparation and advice on Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Property Securities Register


Section 4 of the Conveyancers Licencing Act 2003 sets out exactly what conveyancing work is and is not.

 Do you need a Solicitor?

You do not need a solicitor to conduct any aspect of your conveyancing work.

A licensed conveyancer has the necessary training and skills to conduct all aspects of your property legal work.

As is the case when engaging any professional you should ask your conveyancer about their areas of expertise to ensure that they are familiar with the particular type of work that you require. Some conveyancers specialise in certain aspects of conveyancing work.

For example some conveyancers may concentrate on the sale and purchase of land, rather than the preparation of and advice on lease agreements and some conveyancers may not deal often with NSW building contracts, or off-the-plan purchases.

Always choose a conveyancer who has a well developed expertise in the type of property legal work that you need done.

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